Custom Wall Units (built-in) and TV-plasma Consoles

.. Just a few ideas of Custom pieces, the Way our customers want it!.... bring your own idea to make it for you. Or let us assist you to find the best design for you.

Wall-Unit multi-purpose "Pepe" 2008, knotty Alder baja distress, Sunshine color.
Alder Wall built in unit; Sunshine color. Gina 2012
Bedroom TV-Dresser; knotty Alder CAFE Solana color, Pepe 2008
Lucia tv-Console knotty Alder Chaparral color. Olivenhain-Houston 2013
Alder Sunshine color; as shown: 84"w x 20"d x 32"h slightly distress. Encinitas May 2013
Old distressed Wood TV-plasma Console "Lucia-style" stain-wax.
Alder TV plasma console Chaparral color Olivenhaim 2013

 == Let us work with you for that specific piece to hold your multi-media, that you can not find out in the market; Alder, Walnut, Mahohany, Old wood, and Iron combination to create a unique piece just   the Way you Want it!

Alder Plasma Cabinet Chaparral color Olivenhaim 2013
Old distressed Wood TV Plasma the Crosby's 2012
Old distressed Wood, Dark stain and wax TV-plasma Console
Old wood TV cabinet. Ramona 2012
Office built in in progress Old wood.