Accoya Doors  (updates AUGUST 2018 ....   Currently unavailable).

The dream of every Craftsman, finally a solid wood that does not absorve any water!....

Thecnology that has been used by scientists for more than 90 years in Holland, now available comercial grade.


The process of injecting acetylation alters the cells structure of the wood, making it more stronger and more durable.


The results of dimensional stability and less frequency of coating maintenancemakes a big difference if your door is sun direct exposed.


Radiata pine from New Zeland is used in Holland to create this excepcional Accoya wood.


(Please google Accoya wood to learn more about it.)



Accoya entry Door Carlsbad 2017 Hand distressed and dark stain
Accoya door with panel to swing as a window.
Accoya door Leucadia 2017 Craftsman style. Painted .