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March 11, 2020 New Mexico flavor Driveway Gate and Pedestrain Gate. Bonsall, CA


January 15, 2020     JOB:  True planked Old wood Gates Encinitas, CA

  Awsome!   Thank you SO much!   We absolutely love the Gates and the service and installation have been excellent.  It's been a pleasure working with you!  I'll be sure to add a 5-stars post to YELP





FALLBROOK, CA  2019     "Pura Vida" Driveway Gate and motors.-     Client wrote: "I brag about you being the best Gate maker in the USA" 



 December 21, 2019    Job:   2nd Order of 2 SETS of Gates with side-paneling, hand hew Eucalyptus tropical hard wood;  La Gran Via, Carlsbad, CA 

   Jaime, these Gates are georgeus!....   I told my husband:  If you built houses and we have 10 Million$....    Have a Merry Christmas!.....



January 31, 2018    JOB:  Temecula CA   entry full radius door;  Kitchen island with hand carved panels;  Hand carved for over stove Extra Large piece;  Full radius Pantry Door;  3  hand forged iron Chandeliers and 2 wall Lamps and a wooden double Gate.

    Client:  Home Owner in a Ranch House way up the hills with an Spectacular all around View.


Hi James.-  the carving over the stove is the most beatifull piece I ever seen...IT IS GORGEOUS!    Better than the picture I did send you....Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Your crew and your work are front door it is also perfect,  again...thank you so very very much.


All your pieces are beyond beatiful....   I just keep staring at them.    I posted a review on YELP and wish I could give you more than 5 stars......      Pam .D.    Temecula, CA    January 31, 2018



July 8, 2018    Job:  4 Custom Mahogany exterior doors to San Carlos CA     Client:  J. J.

  "The doors are amazing"......Love them so much!......I love them!.....    All the workers kept saying how beautiful they are!....       (Client Comments on 3  Exterior Doors delivered, Mahogany wood and Glass)     


July 10, 2019    Same client as above  J.J  San Carlos CA   in his 2nd. Order:   4 Gates, 1 X-LG Barn Door and 1 Santa Claus mini Door under stairs.  Wood:   Spanish Cedar  ........ "Gates and Doors are amazing!"........LOVE/Love them.......



July 30, 2014     JOB:  Double Entry doors full glass and ironwork.   San Jose, CA   Client:  S.K


Hi James:   we installed our doors yesterday, and I wanted to let you know that they look amazing!  We are so happy with everything about them, the look, the quality, they are absolutely beautiful!   Thank you for the excelent Customer Service, and I look forward to work with your company in the future!      I have attached a couple of pictures of the doors after the installation.   Again, thank you!    Sincerely:    S.K.   San Jose CA   July, 30, 2014



     December 2013    Job:  2 Custom X-tra Large Hand Carved Panels (displayed in our Carving Page first place)

        Client:  Design firm of SD


         OMG !!     Well kids, we have another Chrismas Miracle on our hands !!!!  I juts got a call from C.T. .... HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE CARVED PANELS !!!   He said he "had high expectations and that they superseded what he was expecting!  A  real Home Run"



 August/20/2007        job at:  Henderson, Nevada.     Client:   WD Group.

 Ordered:  32 interior doors full radius, 8'-0"   Entry Door with transom and 2 sidelites.

                Wine Old celar door.   Wall Unit multi-media Center.  Custom baseboard.


        "Let me say that it has been a pleasure to work with RUSTIC 101;  they are all craftsmen and very

          professional.  I would recommend RUSTIC 101 to anyone in need of fine quality workmanship,

          professional Customer Service and a overall pleasurable experience". 




 November/04/2007      job at:  Del Mar Heights, San Diego, CA     Client:  L.J.

 Ordered:   Double entry door Set. 


         "James, your doors looks very nice and I am very please with it. Everybody in your Co. were

           professional and pleasant personalities.




June /27/2010      jobat:  Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA       Client:   H.W.

Ordered:   Double entry door Set and Office Door.


          "Thank you James. The doors are beautiful!  Add us to your references for a wonderful job. 

           The craftsmanship of these doors are the highest standards, your craftsmen did a terrific job.

           Thanks again for your utmost satisfaction in custom service. It's been a pleasure." 




 July/15/2013       Job at:  Palo Alto, CA       Client:   J.H.

 Ordered:    Full radius entry door, Brazilian hard tropical Beech wood.


                     Just want to let you know that the Master door hanger is impressed of how beautiful and

                     well built the door is.

                     And for the craftsman at the level of my guy continuosly praise the door is high praise


                     I am very glad I ordered the door from you!  I will send you some photos of the door

                     in place when is done.




  October 30/2013    Job at:  Parker, CO

  Ordered:   pair of Custom Pantry doors, Alder, Glass and wrought Iron   Client:  B.F.



                    We just picked up the doors and they are beautiful!  We just love them!
                    We'll send  pictures as soon as they are installed.  They give a great finishing focal point
                    to our new kitchen.  It was a pleasure doing business with you!!  Thanks again!!