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Frequent Q & A


  1.- What is the best wood for my entry Door?.....   Answer:    I need to understand some facts:

         1.1  Job-site location:   City;  orientation of entry door: (N?, S?. W?, E?);   Overhung supplied?: (None, some,

                 complete shaded).

         1.2   Size of your Door? :   (3x7)?, (3x8)?, (6x8)?,  other?.

          1.3   Design of your Door? :  Privacy? ,  Upper panel Glass?,  full panel Glass?....   other?...

        With this in my hands, I will be able to recommend:  Alder, Mahogany, Red Grandis, Spanish Cedar, Walnut,                   Maple, Mezquite, Bamboo, Cherry, to mention some.......    


   2.-  Is there a maintenance I need to do for my entry Door?.....


            2.1 If is a full shaded location, it will need monthly cleaning as your fine Furniture;  dry new "fine cotton" rag to

                  anti dust. Some high-end oils can be lightly applied once every 4-6 months (always applyng on the

                  rag, never over the wood direct).

            2.2  If is a sunny direct light exposure, it may need professional maintenance on the outside face every year.

                   (Rustic101 Care Plans available).


    3.-   Are your Doors pre-hung:? / finished? .....


              = Yes,  its the best service you can get from Rustic 101.    Now, I work with your own preference:  so if need it

              as a "door-only" (slab-only), I do that;  and if you want to apply your own finish, I will bring you a

              stain-grade" door for you to have fun doing your own colors.


    4.-   Do you have doors in stock for me to buy? .....    Answer:   Unfortunally no.  Every one is from scratch.




         1.-  How do the Gates hold out in the weather expossed?........


               == Using the right techniques and the right lumber to build it.

               == Using the right materials to finish it.

               ==  Doing the right yearly maintennance.

            I do warranty your wooden Gates =full-life= doing all above; ask for our  plan "Full-Wty.Gates Plan" 

               (Regular wear and tear is expected in year #1, schedule your CARE Service (858) 350-7493

     2.-   Can we have a lock in our Gate? .......


             == Security is one the most relevant items of my Gates;  Yes, lockable Gates supplied.

     3.-   Who design your Gates?........


             == I enjoy a lot doing this with my clients;  most of homeowners have an idea, but hard to land it,

                  so bring it here and we will find a unique design solution to your taste or style.

             == But I did myself lots of the designs that I display, so you can play with them and asjust it to your

                   color preference, wood, and otjher features.

      4.-   == Do you have Gates in stock for me to pcik it up?.....Answer: Unfortunally no.  Every one is from scratch.






.. Highly reccomended every 12 to 14 months.   PREVENTIVE better than Refurbishing,  Fixing or Salvage.

          TEXT:  (858) 350-7493  to schedule your CARE Service



    As shown:   Gates with  NO maintenance for 5 years.. ....  NOT a good idea!....   


                                                              Gate after a deep Refurbish Service (VS a CARE Preventive one)