...Yes and NOs of RUSTIC 101:

  Yes:     I am a Crafter that delivers satisfaction from scratch.   21 years doing this from Old  North Coastal

               Historic Highway 101  SD CA  (Encinitas)  .      More than   4,500   Custom jobs delivered.


    No:     I am not in a rush!....  and I can not be in a rush for the market.    Time.....Time......Time    is one of the main

               ingredients of my Gallery.



   Yes:    Combinations of styles (Tuscan, Spanish, Modern, Craftsman, Mediterranean, Minimalism, Hacienda, etc)

               combinations of materials (Lumber, Tannery, Tiles, Glass, Ironwork, Copper, Bronze),

               combinations of textures, stains, patinas, glass, special effects, accesories, hardware, etc.,

               can be mounted on your design to make a unique-appealing-intriguing-dramatic Custom Piece for you!


    No:     I am not a store.  I am a Gallery for inspiration to create with you your custom needs.

               I am not in the cheap side of this industry.   My (...your)  creations take time, effort, materials and lots of

                 logistics and understanding;  so do not expect me to compete with big brand prices stuff.   Not me.


   Yes:     I am affordable as I can be, according to every single project, and according to what you receive at the end

               of the day.    


    No:      No appointments necessary to visit my Gallery;  but I suggest it since sometimesI am out on the field.


    Yes:    Contact us today!.....  


   No:       My English is not  impeccable, but my Spanish is!   


         Thank you for reading.   I appreciate my customers.


Jaime (James) Adame