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   Eucalyptus (RED Grandis) hard tropical Uruguay wood, to make this beauty!...


   Gate is 42-1/2" w x 69"H to top of soft arch (once isntalled is 70-1/2" from the ground)

    Hinges already mortise to the Gates.     SEE SWINGS at bottom of each PiCTURE

     Hinges included       "GATE-ONLY "                     REG. Price:................$3,000 plus tax plus pack & shipp.

                                                SPECiAL WEB OFFER:,,,,,,,,,,,,$2,750 plus tax plus pack & shipp.​

                                     Side wooden POSTS NOT included.



           Gate and side Posts    (2" x 4") .........$3,000 plus taxes plus pack and shipp.

                                                (4" x4") ........  $3,250 plus tax plus pack and shipp.



        PRICE per each GATE.-     SAME Price one or the other



      HARDWARE:   NOT included.-   Options to choose from $135 plus taxes


Gate is 42-1/2" x 69"h (70-1/2" once installed) x 1-3/4"th SWING: inside to the left // or outside to the right
Gate is 42-1/2" x 65"H (66-1/2" once installed) x 1-3/4"th..... SWING: inside-Right or Outside Left







                                                                               ALL my Gates    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                                                  come with STEEL cap for humedity protection


                                                                        Gates are   1-3/4" SOLiD WOOD








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