Pictures of Custom jobs

Interior and other speciality Doors

As important as entry Doors, interior and other special doors can be Custom with us;  Wine Cellar doors, Louvered doors, Pantry doors, Slide-Barn type doors and more.  Just visit us with your door schedule and let us work with you to make them....     the Way you Want it !!

Barn Doors "del Viejo Convento" (Linares); European Oak distressed.
knotty Alder insulated Wine cellar door. Carlsbad 2016
Hand carved wine motives, and ironwork wine motive. As shown: knotty Alder

Photo Gallery

Wine Cellar Door. Wood: knotty Alder. Color: Sunshine. Rancho Santa Fe Sept. 2012
Barn Door Ocean Side 201 Old distressed wood.
"Dallas" X-size Old wood Barn door (52" x 102"h x 2-1/4"th); color: Chaparral-glazed
Office doors and transom. Wood: knotty Alder. Color: Cafe Solana Fairbank Ranch 2009
Office door with window and ironwork. Wood: knotty Alder Via del Alba, Rancho Santa Fe CA 2007
Conference Corporative Room doors. Wood: knotty Alder, heavy distress. Color: Walnut Anaheim, CA 2010
Hallway toby-doors. Wood: knotty Alder Santa Luz 2007
Office door 2016 Carmel Valley size: 42" x 102"h Knotty Alder color: Chaparral glazed Glass: seed-it
Office doors. Wood: knotty Alder heavy distressed. Color: Sunshine. Del Mar CA
Office Door 2015 Caminito Santa Luz knotty Alder
Master Bedroom 60"w x 96"h wood: knotty Alder Unfinished. Rancho Santa Fe CA 2009
Barn Old Wood Office Door, x-LG San Elijo 2014 Walnut stain 52"w x 93"H
Barn Double.- Old wood Aged finish. 96"h Solana Beach Vargas 2014
Barn Doors "del Viejo Convento" distressed European Oak.
Barn doors & track hardware: Old Wood 96"H Chaparral glazed Color. Tiburon Pl 2013
Barn sliding hardware; flat track black distressed
Alder Office doors. 72"w x 96"h plus transom. Vista CA 2012
Bedroom doors and 2 fix panels. Wood: knotty Alder, slightly distress. Color: Cafe Solana Olivenhain, CA 2010
Pantry doors to Colorado, Nov. 2013 Big flemish glass. knotty Alder, Chaparral color
knotty Alder, espresso color X-Large doors: 114"w x 96"h Point Loma 2011
Wine Cellar door. Wood: Mahogany. Color: Sunshine. Olivenhain CA 2011
Barn door Ranch Style Old wood, white antique color Front view
Office Door. knotty Alder heavy distressed. Chaparral color. Tiburon Place San Diego, CA 2013
Bathroom at Via Latina Del Mar, CA knotty Alder slightly distress Tuscan Color.
"saloon-type" doors. Knotty Alder distressed, Walnut color.