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Custom Entry Doors since 1997.  A usable piece of art for curb appeal.

Entry Doors are one of the most important elements of your House.  Exchanging existing one for a complete SET will improve in good way Value and aesthetics of your property.  


                ===  Crafted Old World style, with all the newest elements of the Industry.


     25 Years dedicated to make every Custom Entry Door requested.




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Hand-carved Genuine Honduras Mahogany wood Entry Set. Rancho Bernardo CA 2006 Size: 10'-0 x 14'-0 H Truly a piece of Art! Design: Jaime Adame Rustic 101 Color: Natural
2018 Doors to UTAH..... American black Walnut wood.
2020 Rancho Santa Fe; knotty Alder, Large Flemish Glass. Color: Varrach
"Before" Rancho Santa Fe 2022
2023 Mahogany doors and artistic stained lead glass.- Mar Caribe Mexican Riviera Baja CA
Mar Caribe "Before" doors. Spectacular change!
Edged sandblasted Glass available.- As shown: w/French motives
in progress.....
2023 San Marcos horse Ranch.- Mahogany wood (Cafe Solana color).
Baroda at Rancho Santa Fe CA 2016 Alder wood // color: April Dark (6'-0 x 9'-0) // Glass: Large Flemish
Red Grandis (hard tropical wood) 2019 Villa Italiana, RSF CA
2022 Mar Caribe; Wood: American black Walnut; Color: Roble
Solana Beach 2023 knotty Alder, color: Olmo stain
2023 Carlsbad Craftsman style Mahogany wood entry SET.- color: classic Walnut stain
....nice change......!!
2021 Kensington; Mahogany wood, color: Chocolate Mexicano
Optional: Glass hinged in a window, to swing into the house.
Pub Door 2021 San Marcos.- knotty Alder; color: Chaparral glazed ONE of a Kind!
Hollywood CA residence; Gotic dram Door. Hand Antique Custom patina.
Beverly Hills 2020. Gothic old Vintage entry Door (before shipping) 2 Patina faces. Size as shown: 42" x 102" x 2-1/4"th
Multiple Door Orders are welcome... 20 exterior doors 2021 Bonsall CA
Bonsall CA 2021 Multiole door order.- knotty Alder heavy hand hewn in progress
knotty Alder Vista CA 2014 Color: Chaparral glazed
2020 Cordova-Encinitas Genuine Honduran Mahogany Espresso stain. Filigree iron forged by hand,, a piece of usable Art. RUSTIC 101
Ocean Hills Country Club 2020 Oceanside CA Alder main entrance Alder Doors, Espresso stain.
Stained Artistic lead glass.- a Classic!....
2022 knotty Alder Caminito del Mar; color: Mahogany stain
knotty Alder 2019 Encinitas.- Replica of a XIX Century Door. Color: Classic Walnut stain
to let fresh air coming: Panel to swing into the house 2022 El Duende.- As shown: heavy wired brush
Dutch Door, Genuine Honduras Mahogany; Leucadia 2020 // Custom Lead Glass Arts & Crafts
Custom Lead Glass before mounting it.
Lead Glass view from inside. Leucadia 2020
Select Alder Dutch Door Carlsbad 2020 // color: Custom
Ralph Ranch SD CA 2018 knotty Alder, antique distress. Color: Chaparral Glazed. Big hammer Glass to swing.
2019 knotty Alder Siglo XVII Replica. .........Color: Classic Walnut stain; ........Finish: Sikkens clear protection. TOP Notch!.....
La Jolla CA icon since 1936 "Mary by the Sea" Church now Premiering RUSTIC101 Genuine Honduras Mahogany Doors (Main entry and 2 sides). La Jolla CA 2017
Saint Mary by the Sea, at the Village of La Jolla, CA. Genuine Honduras Mahogany Doors bu RUSTIC101
Saint Mary by the Sea South entrance; Mahogany true planked doors
St. Mary by the Sea North entrance doors.
knotty Alder (color: Roble diluido) Petunia st. 2016 Glass: Rain
San Clemente 2019 Spanish Cedar and textured Glass, w/religious Iron theme.
San Clemente Door.- Iron color: Antique Bronze
2012 Linda Vista Orthodox Church (Hand carved Mahogany entry Doors)
2012 Linda Vista (La Jolla CA) Orthodox Church hand Carved Doors by RUSTIC101 // Genuine Honduras Mahogany
Molino Viejo, Fairbank Ranch (Rancho Santa Fe) 2016. knotty Alder. Color: April dark side-lite windows operable. Size: 142"w x 118"h x 2-1/4"th.
Genuine Honduras Mahogany hand carved entry door "Las Olas", Ocenaside 2018. Colors: Sunshine and panel is no stain, clear coat-only.
Paseo Membrillo Carlsbad 2017 knotty Alder heavy distress. A Tuscan Classic. Color: Roble-glazed
2022 Rancho Santa Fe CA knotty Alder
Spanish Cedar pivot entry Door 2018. Size: 48" x 96" x 2-1/4"th Color: Classic Walnut
knotty Alder, Tuscan color; Del Mar Via Latina 2008 Tuscan at its best!
Socorro Ln. Carlsbad 2016 wood: knotty Alder Iron: antique bronze
knotty Alder distressed Ramona CA 2019
La Costa 2016 knotty Alder (open knots) "Baja" distress; Color: April-dark Glass: seed-it
lets have air to flow... windows available for your entry Doors.
Bonita CA October 2015 Stained Glass designed by Rustic 101 Alder glazed color. Call for a consultation.
Spanish Cedar Corintia St. 2018 Color: Roble stain
Cicuta circle Carlsbad 2017 knotty Alder "Baja" distress//color: Roble glazed// 6'-0 x 8'-0
Genuine Honduras Mahogany "Dutch" Door w/Big Flemish glass. No stain (clear Sikkens protection) Carlsbad 2014 (3'-6 x 8'-0)
knotty Alder Craftsman-Dutch Door; a Classic RUSTIC 101 (Chaparral Glazed color)
knotty Alder 2020 Los Robles Carlsbad; color: Tobacco
Genuine Honduras Mahogany Color: Early American Carlsbad 2015 Dutch Door ( 3'-6 x 8'-0)
Old distress wood Dutch Door Encinitas 2015 Color: Colonial red.
knotty Alder Dutch Door Encinitas 2015, Chaparral Glaze color.
Clear Alder Craftsman Door; 2018 Leucadia.- Grape color
Genuine Honduras Mahogany wood Laguna Hills 2015; color: Chaparral glazed
El Secreto, Rancho Santa Fe 2015 rustic knotty Alder; Roble stain. 6'-0 x 8'-0 "A Ranch Classic"!!
knotty Alder. Color: Mahogany stain. Passiflora st. Encinitas CA 2013
Oceanside CA 2015 knotty Alder color: Chaparral-glazed. Glass: Big Flemish (Sash).
knotty Alder Temecula 2015
knotty Alder Malle St Carslbad 2018 w/window trims Color: Roble toasted
Genuine Honduras Mahogany 2019/ Solana Beach / frosted glass// color: Early American// Modern living
Genuine Honduras Mahogany door San Carlos, CA 2018 Color: April dark stain.
Genuine Honduras Mahogany entry Door Escondido 2017. Color: None, natural, clear coat-only.
San Elijo 2016 the beauty of Genuine Honduras Mahogany "au-natural". No stain, clear Sikkens Cetol finish 3'-0 x 8'-0
Genuine Honduras Mahogany == Glass: Seed-it == Stain: Classic Mahogany == La Costa 2014 == (3'-0 x 8'0) ==Design and Hand-made by Jaime Adame RUSTIC 101
Genuine Honduras Mahogany Door; San Elijo 2015 Color: Roble 3'-0 x 8'-0
La Costa 2016 knotty Alder, Mahogany color. Glass: large Flemish
Cardiff 2016 knotty Alder (knots open) April-dark
Genuine Honduras Mahogany wood 42"w Door and 2 side-lites. Reedland CA 2011
...of course I can allign this!!.... Mahogany Door Olivenhain 2009 Narcisus Wy.
....uuuppppss!! Mahogany door Olivenhaim 2009
Walnut (American) hard wood Del Mar April 2012 Tuscan-glazed Color.
Oxford St Cardiff 2013 knotty Alder, Tuscan distress door. Walnut color.
knotty Alder Pivot door, 5'-0 x 9'-0 x 3-1/2"th and Transom; Rancho Santa Fe CA 2014
Mahogany Doors Custom hand-carved 2012 Orthodox Church Linda Vista, CA
Encinitas 2015 Alder, color: "Sunset"// Glass: Gluechip Size: 5'-0 x 6'-8
American Walnut wood Moca color Citrine Ct. La Costa CA 2014
Walnut wood Burgundy St. Encinitas June 2013
Walnut Entry Doors to San Jose CA 2014 Before packing to ship-out. Tobaco color
Feb. 2013 No stain, Natural color; UV clear. Encinitas, CA
Walnut wood, 2 panels w/Iron Burgundy st. Encinitas 2013
Crafstman Style Chocolate stain color Alder; Kensington 2013