Genuine Honduras Mahogany;   Hard beauty tropical wood.

The beauty and stability of Mahogany at the entry of your house!....



Mahogany hand carved doors. Rancho Bernardo 2007
Mahogany Door. Hacienda style. Color: Chaparral glazed. San Juan Capistrano 2015
2023 Mar Caribe Mec=xican Riviera, Baja CA Triple glazed artistic stained lead glass.
Mar Caribe "before" doors.- a Nice change!
Encinitas-Cordova 2020 Mahogany wood, espresso stain & hand forged ironwork filigree.... AMAZING..!.... RUSTIC 101
Cordova Door inside view..... a piece of usable Art. RUSTIC 101
2023 Carlsbad Mahogany wood Craftsman style entry Door.- .- Color: Classic Walnut stain
.....before new SET.
,,,,,before inside of the house
Glass as window for ventilation.- Glass is Frosted
2023 San Marcos horse Ranch.- Mahogany wood, Cafe Solana color
Mahogany door, 2021 San Marcos, CA Color: Chocolate Mexicano Glass: Flemish
Mahogany wood, 2021 Rancho Pancho.- Color: Chocolate Mexicano stain. Glass: Flemish
Mahogany Door Poway 2020. Color: Chaparral glazed. Glass: Big Flemish
Glass to swing for ventilation.
2023 Hollywood CA True Mahogany. Color: Classic Walnut stain.
2022 front view of Hollywood CA house with my Mahogany Gate
2023 Hollywood CA Mahogany Door inside view.-
Mahogany doors 2022 San Pedro, CA Color: Chaparral glazed
Mahogany Dutch Door Leucadia 2020 // Color Stain: Mahogany and Lead Glass Arts & Crafts
Leucadia 2020 Door w/Lead Glass Arts & Crafts
Lead Glass before installing it on Door.
Mahogany Hand Carved "Las Olas" entry Door.- Oceanside 2018 36" x 80"h @ colors: Outside Sunshine stain...Carved panel NO stain, clear coat-only.
Mahogany 2019 Vintage coke Glass, Carlsbad CA Color: Early American
Glass mounted in a sash window for ventilation.
Mahogany door Point Loma 2007
Mahogany dutch door Carslbad 2010.- Glass: Large Flemish Color wood: Natural/clear coat-only
Mahogany Doors Encinitas 2009 Craftsman style
2021 Kensington; Mahogany wood. Color: Chocolate Mexicano
Optional: Glass hinged in a window, to swing into the house.
Kensington SD June 2020 Genuine Honduran Mahogany. Color: Sunshine stain; Frosted glass
Mahogany door 2019 Solana Beach/ frosted glass/ modern living/ color: Early American
Mahogany Henderson NV 2007. Color: Nevada Dark (Custom)
Henderson NV 2007 Entry to Dining Mahogany. Color: Nevada Dark (Custom)
Mahogany door San Elijo 2015 Color: Early American
Mahogany door Hand carved in progress, for my own Gallery 2017
Mahogany. Color: April dark stain. San Carlos CA 2018
Mahogany door Carlsbad 2014 Glass: seedy Color stain: Mahogany
Mahogany door San Elijo 2015 (Slab-only) Color: Natural (clear coat-only)
Mahogany door and opaque Glass Rancho Bernardo 2013 Color stain: Sunshine
Mahohany door Escondido 2017.- Craftsman style. Color: Natural, clear coat-only.
La Jolla CA icone Church Mahogany entry Doors by RUSTIC101 // 2017
Sain Mary by the Sea, La Jolla CA (2017 Premiere)
Saint Mary by the Sea Church 2017 La Jolla CA South entrance
St., Mary by the Sea Church North entrance
Mahogany hand-carved Doors. Orthodox Church at Linda Vista 2012 Color stain: Sunshine
Mahogany doors 2017 in progress for La Jolla Mary by the Sea Church. Color stain: Early American.
Mahogany Garage doors Villa Italiana in Del Mar CA 2014 Color: Natural (clear coat-only)
Mahogany wood workshop in progress 2019. Radius doorjamb to Orange CA 8'-0 x 11'-6 wirh colored Glass
Mahogany doors in progres, to Orange CA. 11-6 x 2-1/4"th