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Mahogany, Red Grandis,  Accoya, Old wood or Mezquite wood.-  CLICK on LEFT to find your type of wood.


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Old wood Gate "Italian Village" Rancho Santa Fe CA 2014. Color: ashed/antique stain. As shown 44"w x 94"h x 2-1/4"th.
Genuine Honduran Mahogany Gate 2019, Solana Beach. Frosted Glass. Color: Early American
Genuine Mahogany 2021 San Elijo; color: Chocolate Mexicano
2020 Pastor Aleman Rancho Santa Fe; Old wood w/Early American stain. Get inspired for yours..! and contact us. RUSTIC 101
2022 Hollywood, CA Genuine Mahogany "Spanish style". Color: Classic walnut stain
Jacuzzi Gate 2015. Old wood, color: chaparral-glazed. with Speak-easy. As shown: 52"w x 72:h x 1-3/4" th
Old wood 2007 San Elijo La Fountain. Color: Cafe Solana. Hardware: Weslock Molten Bronze. A CLASSIC of RUSTIC 101
almost Temecula 2019 Old wood, wired brush, Color: Chaparral glazed
Old distress wood, Point Loma 2017. Secret Garden Gates
Clear Alder 2022 Rancho Bernardo.- Color: aged ash
Old wood Gates.- Stone Bridge 2019 Patel Gates. Color: Classic Walnut stain.
knotty Alder 2022 Del Sur. Color: 50% Olmo//50% Magnolia. key-pad Lever
hand carved knotty Alder Gates, 2004 San Elijo
Mahogany wood Gates at Villa Italiana (Rancho Santa Fe) 2014; No stain, Sikkens clear protection. 72"w x 84"h plus Iron crown.
2021 White Oak unfinished, Santa Luz RSF CA
Genuine Mahogany Gate 2020 Carlsbad Color: Classic Walnut
Old wood Gate.- Stone Bridge 2019, Patel. Color: Classic Walnut stain.
Old wood Carslbad 2019. Gate with Glue Chip glass and Italian Ironwork design. Color: Wood is Early American; Iron in antique Bronze
True planked Gate Los Angeles 2020; Old reclaimed wood; Color: Chaparral glazed.
True Planked Gate (old fashion) 2016 Via del Parque Old wood. Color: Roble Texture: wired brush
Old Wood... 2020 True planked Old fashion) "El Piloto" the Crosby's Rancho Santa Fe Texture: Hand hewn; Mahogany stain
"El Piloto" Crosby's BACK View
Red Grandis hand hewn 2020 Encinitas // TRUE-Planked // color: Classic Walnut
Old wood, Olivenhain 2019 True Planked Construction (old fashion). Colors: Sunshine and storm Gray
Old wood San Elijo 2018.- Cypres color; as shown: 56" x 104"h x 2-1/4"th
2021 white oak unfinished, Santa Luz RSF
Mahogany wood Gate at La Jolla 2017. Color: early american. 48" x 72"h x 1-3/4"th
Same idea as above BUT Old Wood and soft arched. Carlsbad 2018 Color: Roble stain
Old distressed wood.- La Gracia RSF 2016 color wood: Sunset Color iron: Antique Bronze. As shown 72"w x 78"h x 1-3/4"th
Paseo del Parque, Carlsbad 2018 Old reclaimed wood; texture: sand blasted; color: Roble glazed.
Fortuna Ranch, Olivenhain 2018 Horse Ranch Old wood Gate.- color: Sunshine.
Mahogany "O" Avon 1780 Old English Gate. Del Mar 2018. Color: Early American
Spanish Cedar wood.- Roble color. Corintia St. Carlsbad 2018
Spanish Cedar Gates, Molino Viejo - Fairbanks Ranch 2019. With doors to match behind.
Mahogany Gate (Craftsman style for modern living) Oceanside 2018.- Color: April Dark
Old distress wooden Gates.- Santa Luz 2017 for Boccia Court. Size: 10'-0 x 78"h x 3"th. Color: Gilas-Dark
Mahogany wood, "au-natural". No stain, just clear Sikkens protection. Oxford St. at Cardiff CA 2016 Size: 40" x 66" x 1-3/4"th
Ralph Ranch 2018. Old distress wood. Color: Chaparral Glazed. Iron color: Antique bronze
Old reclaimed wood, Color: Chaparral Glazed. With straps
Old wood Santa Luz 2017. Color: Gilas Dark; Smart-code deadbolt. Size: 48" x 72"h x 1-3/4"th
Oceanside 2016 Old reclaimed wood; color wood: Chaparral glazed. Color ironwork: antique Bronze size: 72"w x 96"h x 1-3/4"
Old wood "S" Gate Rancho Bernardo 2018 (46" x 102"h x 2-1/4"th)
Old wood Gate, Encinitas CA 2018 Color: Charcoal (keypad lock)
Old wood fence to match Charcoal Gate; Encinitas 2018
Brazero Rd. Encinitas 2016 Old reclaimed wood (color: April dark) and hand-forged ironwork (antique bronze color).-
Fairbanks Ranch 2017 (Circa del Sur) Old wood. color: walnut
Old wood San Elijo 2018.- Cypress color. Size 56" x 104" x 2-1/4" th
Maple 3"th Gate; Craftsman living. Color: Walnut // Size: 48" x 90" plus steel posts. // Pacific Beach CA 9/2016
Strawberry Ct. 2018 Wood: Spanish Cedar Craftsman style Gate
Steel Cap flat bar weather protection. Rustic 101 code construction for Old wood Gates.
Saxony-Encinitas 2016 Old wood in April dark color; Wrought iron in antique bronze. As shown 48"w x 66"h x 1-3/4"th
solid Bronze thumb latch and deadbolt from Weslock (Molten bronze).
Sun Gate, Carlsbad 2016. Old wood, storm gray color 2 tones. As shown 36"w x 84"h x 1-3/4"th.
Oceanside 2015 Old wood. Color: Chaparral-glazed. Hand-paint tiles. Size: 60"w x 101"h
the Crosby's 2016 Old wood, antique color.- 52" x 72" x 2-1/4"th.
Del Sur SD CA 2016 Iron framed Old distress wood.
Old wood "Scottish" Gate. La Costa 2016 Chaparral glaze stain and antique bronze ironwork.As shown: 48"w x 76"h x 1-3/4"th.
English Gate at Lapiz Rd., La Costa CA 2015 OLD Wood, COLOR: Chaparral glazed. 52" x 101"h x 2-1/4" th
Corazon Place 2014 Carlsbad Old wood.- color Early American Iron color: antique Bronze Size: 48" x 76"h x 1-3/4"th.
Rancho Bernardo 2007 Old wood. as shown: 48" x 102" x 2-1/4"th.
Rancho Bernardo 2014 Old wood, dark color. As shown 54"w x 104"h x 2-1/2"th
Old Wood, Oceanside Dec. 2014 "La Celestial" Gates Size: 60"w x 101"h
La Jolla 2016 White Oak Gate. Color stain: April dark and slightly distressed.
Casa de Adobe, Oceanside CA 2015 Old wood // chaparral glazed color. As shown: 40"w x 72"h x 1-3/4"th.
Solana Beach 2016 White painted ACCOYA wood Gate. As shown 348"w x 40"h x 1-3/4"th
Lapiz Rd La Costa CA 2015 Old distressed wood. As shown 60" x 84"h Sunshine stain.
Cardiff "O" Gate 2015 Old wood, stain: roble-glazed.
Old Wood Ranch style; Bonsall 2014
Vulcan Ave, Cardiff CA 2013 Speak-easy privacy Gate. Color: "Olmo-cera obscura"
ACCOYA wood Gate and fence 2016 Carlsbad. Color: storm gray.
Kelp and salmon Gate; 2015 any theme can be create it from scratch!
Walnut solid Wood...! Del Mar April 2013 Sunshine Color; Iron flat black 48"w x 72"h x 1-3/4"th
Old Wood, 52"w x 120" H x 2-1/2"th San Elijo 2014 Color: Olmo-cera
Old italian Village on Neptune st. Leucadia CA 2015 as shown: 48" x 96" x 2-1/2"th Solid Old Wood. Color: Old Italian Village
ACCOYA wood Lattice Gate; .. Sunshine color. Oct. 2012 Solana Beach, CA (Modern Living, Asian, Minimalist)
"Diamante" Soft Arch (Old Wood) american Walnut color. San Marcos CA
Steel frame and wood planks Gate.- Leucadia 2014 Modern Living at Sea Bluff. Color: steel in Bronze and wood in Cafe Solana
Old wood Gates Narciso way Olivenhain 2010 . . Size: 5'-0 x 9'-6" x 3"th
Old wood Gate, La Jolla 2016
Double Gates Ocean Side CA 60"w x 96"h Old wood Color: Walnut Glazed and Iron: dark Bronze Powder-coated
Old wood, Olmo-cera color; Carlsbad CA 2014 Upper lattice Gate
2021 Eucalyptus Uruguay hard tropical wood; Santa Luz
Old Wood; Juniper-Encinitas CA 2015 Iron is antique Bronze color. Size: 52"w x 72"h x 1-3/4"
Old wood and Custom Tiles La Costa CA May 2013 RUSTIC 101 Since 1997
"Om" Gate. Old wood, Rancho Penasquitos Oct. 2012 . . . Sunshine COLOR
Old wood at the Crosby's Rancho Santa Fe 2014. Sunshine Color Tuscania Style
Old wood at Via del Pajaro,Fairbanks Rch. 2014 Chaparral color Spanish at its BEST...!
Old wood Monterey Gate, Sumshine color; La Costa 2013
ACCOYA wood pool shower Door.- Walnut color.- Olivenhain Nov. 2013
2012 Maple Gate and Iron Railings; . . . Solana Beach Residence
Old wood Gate- glass- ironwork., . . . Espresso color. . . . The Crosby's Rch. Santa Fe, CA 2010
Old wood 72"w x 108"h Narciso wy. Olivenhain, CA 2009
Old wood exagonal Gate, Chocolate color, Oxford St. Cardiff January 2013
MOTOR Court Old wood GATES and Beams. Narciso wy Olivenhain 2009
Los Brazos St 2013 SD CA Old wood Olmo dark stain
Old wood American Walnut stain color; Scripps Ranch 2012