LIGNIA  wood Gates.-    

Modify wood by British technology to greatly improved properties to match or exceed tropical species.


The alternative of Teak, this soft wood FSC Certified plantation, is suitable for Gates, Doors and fencing.


Warranty against rot and fungal, this sustainable LIGNIA wood NOW available in RUSTIC 101


The results of dimensional stability and less frequency of coating maintennance makes a big difference of your exterior Gate.


 LIGNIA is PH neutral and, as a result, does not react with coatings.


    LIGNIA (R)   Wood made for life


  (Please google LIGNIA  wood)



2021 Lignia Gate La Costa golf resort. Color: April Dark
same Gate with complete fencing and pool equipment Gate LIGNIA
same house La Costa LIGNIA Gate and panel by the pool. 2021
LIGNIA Gates 2018 Tuscanny Rd. Encinitas Color: Sunshine
LIGNIA Gate Moonlight Beach Encinitas 2017.- For modern living, painted sauge green.
LIGNIA Gate el Cajon 2017.- Heavy hand-hewn. April Dark color.
LIGNIA Gates hand hewn. Olivenhaim 2017 Color: Roble-Glazed
LIGNIA Gates Olivenhain 2018.- Color: Roble Glazed Hand distress
LIGNIA Gate Olivenhaim 2017 hand distress Color: Roble-glazed
LIGNIA Gate Santa Luz 2017.- Walnut color, smooth.
LIGNIA Gate hand hewn. Olivenhaim 2017 Color: Roble-glazed
LIGNIA Gate 2017 Santa Luz RSF. Walnut color, smooth.