Mahogany Gates.- (Genuine Honduran)

  The beauty of Tropical hard Mahogany wood.-   Very stable, insect free.


  Maintenance recommended every 12 months.


  Ask for our "Servi-Express" maintence Plan.-  We take care of them, you extend the warranty of your Gates.

Mahogany Gate 2019 Solana Beach. Frosted Glass, color: Early American
The O.C. tv show house, Malibu, CA 2024 Mahogany entry Gate.- Color: Chocolate Mexicano
The O.C. tv show house side Gates, Malibu CA 2024 Mahogany side Gate. Color: chocolate Mexicano
2023 North Park; Mahogany Craftsman Gate and my design of Stain Glass
2022 Hollywood CA Mahogany hadr tropical wood.- Color: Classic walnut
2023 Mahogany wooden Gate, Point Loma
2023 Solana Beach dutch.- Color: Chocolate Mexicano
Scottsdale AZ 2022 Hand carved Gates, no stain, Natural
Scottsdale hand carving in progress
Mahogany Gate.- TRUE Planked (Old fashion) La Quinta 2021
TRUE Planked Gate.- Back support look
La Costa 2017.- "Goddard" side Gate. Mahogany NO stain, clear coat ptotection-only. (Au-Nature)
Mahogany Gate 2021 San Elijo; color: Chocolate Mexicano Dark. Iron color: dark Bronze
Mahogany No stain, just clear sealer. Villa Italiana 2014.- Polo States, Del Mar, CA
2021 Genuine Honduran Mahogany. Stone Bridge Poway COLOR: Sunshine
La Cosat 2017 "Goddard" Entry Double Mahogany Gates.- No stain, just clear Sikkens Coat protection.
La Jolla 20017.- Mahogany Gate; Color: Early American
Mahogany 2021 Neptune; Dolphin Gate. Color: Chocolate Mexicano Dark
2022 Mahogany Gate Lazanja, Santa Luz
2021 Mahogany Gate and uphill fencing. Stone Bridge Poway. COLOR: Sunshine
Mahogany "O" English Gate 2018. Color: Early American
San Carlos CA 2019 Mahogany (hand hewn) TRUE Planked.- Color: April dark
Mahogany Gate Vista CA 2017 Color: Roble-glazed. Iron Antique bronze
2021 Mahogany Gate and fencing. Stone Bridge Poway
Mahogany Lotus Gate, Del Mar CA 2017 color: mahogany stain.
shop drawing Lotus Gate 2017
Mahogany Gate for modern living.- 2020 Carlsbad. COLOR: Classic Walnut
Red Grandis wooden Gate; Cardiff CA 2017. No stain (natural) , clear coat sealer-only.
Villa Italiana 2015. Mahogany Fence no stain, just clear sealer; and "Secret Garden" Iron and copper Gate
Oceanside 2018 Mahogany Gate. Color: Aprid Dark stain
Leucadia 2017. Mahogany Gate and "rojo-patina" copper panel.
Rancho Santa Fe 2017.- Red Grandis wood Gate (No stain) just clear coat.
Mahogany "O" English Gate 2018 Color: Early American
Linda Vista Orthodox Church 2012. Hand carved Mahogany entry doors. Color: Sunshine stain.
2017 Mary Star by the Sea (La Jolla Church) Mahogany door in progress. Color: early American
Villa Italiana 2014.- No stain, natural Mahogany garage doors.