Gates.-  Old reclaimed and distress wood (Douglas-Fir).-

 The charm of Old distressed wood is a landmark of RUSTIC 101 Gates.-

 Reclaimed Douglas-Fir planks from old USA Structures.


 This Gates needs maintenance every 12-16  months, to help them to last forever.


  Ask for our "Servi-Express" Care Plan.   




Old wood distress Gates, Henderson NV 2007 Color: Nevada dark
Villa Italiana 2014 Polo States, Del Mar. Old wood. Color: ashed
La Costa 2015. "Jacuzzi" Old wood Gate.- Color: Chaparral-glazed.
2024 Santa Luz, CA Old wood, natural, Arizona style
Leucadia 2006 Old wood Gate.- 72" x 104" x 2-1/4"th Color: Sunshine
2015 Neptune st Encinitas, CA Old wood, Tuscan italian Village style (as shown: 48" slab x 96" x 2-1/4"th)
Old wood San Elijo 2020. Hand-forged ironwork in Antique Bronze color
2023 Old reclaimed wood, Encinitas
Old wood PUB Gate 2021 Escondido. Color: Chaparral Glazed
Old distressed wood; 2021 the Crosby's
Olivenhaim 2008 (Wild flower Ranch) Old wood Gates. 72" x 108" x 2-1/4"th. Hand hewn; Color: Chocolate
Pastor Aleman 2020 "wedding Gates". Old wood w/stain Early American. Rustic 101
2024 Chino Hills CA Church 12 ft H Gates w/ steel structure.- Aged color
Chino Hills just delivered
Steel structure in progress
Encinitas 2023 Old wood.- 12 ft x 2-1/4"th Craftsman style
2023 La Jolla CA hand hewn Old wood (42x84) color: chaparral glazed
San Elijo 2007. "La-Fountain" Old wood Gate. Color: "Cafe Solana"; As shown: 48" x 72" x 1-3/4"th Hardware: Weslock Molten Bronze
Old wood 2011, Tierra Santa Color: Walnut stain
2021 Old distressed wood; wood in American Walnut stain; Ironwork oil rubbed bronze color
Old wood; Paseo del Parque, Carlsbad 2018. Color: Roble glazed.
Pastor Aleman 2020 Old wood w/early american stain (101" x 96" h x 2-1/4"th
Fallbrook Hacienda 2020 Old Wood, hand-hewn. Color: Chaparral glazed
Fallbrook Hacienda fron Gates, Old wood
Bonsall Avocado farms 2019.- Old distressed wood, Chocolate stain and Oxi Iron fixtures.
True planked, old distressed wood; 2020 Los Angeles, CA Color: Chaparral glazed
Old wood 2020 Del Mar Heights Color: Sunshine
Old wood Point Loma 2017 "Secret Garden" Gates.- Color: Classic Walnut stain.
San Elijo 2020 out view. Old wood. Black stain
San Elijo 2020 Gate-Door w/shutter inside view; Old wood Black stain.
Stone Bridge 2019 Old Gates, Patel. Color: Classic Walnut
Cardiff 2023 Old wood.- Color: Roble stain.- Key pad deadbolt.
Carlsbad 2019 Old wood /glue chip Glass and Italian Ironwork. Color: wood.- Early American // Iron: Antique bronze. An amazing Gate!....
Old wood Poway 2018. Color: Chaparral glazed. inside View
Oceanside 2019 Old wood "Slab-only" using existing white fence and posts. Hand hewn, color stain: Storm Gray
Old wood 2020 Del Mar.- Color: light gray
Stone Bridge 2019 Old wood Patel Gates. Color: Classic Walnut
Poway Mountains 2020 // Old distress Wood // Color: Sunshine
Old wood Gate 2020 // as simple as better // swing out: "Pool-code" // Color: American Walnut // as shown: 48" x 72"
Old wood; almost Temecula 2019 texture: wire brushed Color: Chaparral glazed
Old wood entry Gate Stone Bridge 2019. Patel with an India flavor. Color: Classic walnut
Old wood Encinitas 2019 "Ocean-Moon" Gate. Color: Olmo
Old wood, "El Piloto" the Crosby's Rancho Santa Fe true planked "old fashion" ....Color: Mahogany ; ..... Texture: Hand hewn
Back detail on "El Piloto" Crosby's Gate
Old wood the Crosby's 2020 (South Gate) True planked // Mission arch // Color: Chaparral glazed // texture: wire brush
Old wood... True planked (old fashion) Gate; 2019 Paseo del Parque.- Color: Roble // Texture: wire brush
Old wood the Crosby's 2020 (North Gate). True-Planked // mission arch// Color: Chaparral-glazed // texture: wire brush
The Crosby's 2020. View from inside.
Old wood Olivenhain 2019. True planked and 2 colors: sunshine and Gray
Old distress wood Carlsbad 2019.- True planked Gate front view, clean. Color: Graphite gray.
Old wood Back view "True-Planked" Gate.- Color: Graphite gray. TextureL distressed
Old wood, Encinitas 2018. Color: Charcoal (keypad lock)
Custom Old wood fence to match and complete your Curb Appeal. Encinitas 2018 Charcoal color.
Rancho Bernardo "S" Old wood Gate 2018. 46" x 102"h x 2-1/4"th Solid wood.
Old wood at San Elijo 2018.- 56" x 104" x 2-1/4"th. Color: Cypres
Santa Luz RSF 2017 Old wood Gate .- Color: April Dark.... 48" x 72" x 1-3/4"th
Old wood Fairbanks Ranch 2017 (Circa del Sur) Color: walnut. Iron color: Antique bronze
Oceanside 2016.- Old wood Color: chaparral-glazed.
Old wood Gate Carlsbad 2018 Color: Roble stain.
Encinitas 2016.- Old wood Color: april dark
Del Mar Old wood Gate 2016, "La Brazileira".- Color: Mahogany Iron on antique bronze.
Lapiz Rd Carlsbad 2015. "The English" Old wood Gate. Color: chaparral-glazed. As shown: 52" x 102"h x 2-1/4"th.
La Gracia Rancho Santa Fe 2006 Old wood Gate.- Color: Sunset
La Costa 2016. "Sun" Old wood Gate. Color: storm gray and walnut panels.
Encinitas Ranch 2016 Old wood Gate. Color: Roble-glazed.
Old wood, Solana Beach 2019 Color: Sunshine.
La Jolla 2015 Old wood Gates.- Color: ashed.
San Elijo 2009 "La Espaniola" Old wood Gate. Color: american walnut
Oceanside 2016. Adobe house Old wood Gate. Color: chaparral-glazed.
Carlsbad 20013. Dyamond Gate. Color: walnut
Lapiz Rd Carlsbad 2012 Color: Oyamel
Del Mar 2012. Color: Olmo cera. Hand-painted tiles.
Rancho Bernardo 2014. Gate 104"H x 2-1/4"th. Color: Sunset.
Solana Beach 2010 Color: Olmo-cera
Oceanside Golf club 2015. Gate "La Celestial" Color: walnut
Stone bridge, Scripts Ranch 2010. Color: Chocolate
Carlsbad 2015 "Corazon" Gate Color: Oyamel
Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe 2007. Color: Cherry
2019 RSF Old wood planked Gate with Steel band all the way around. Color: Classic Walnut
Carlsbad 2014 Color: storm Gray
Cardiff by the Sea 2007. Color: Walnut
San Elijo 2012 Gates 102"H 2-1/4"th Color: Chaparral-glazed.
Oceanside Golf club 2016. Color: Chaparral-glazed
Tierra Santa 2012 Color: Mahogany
Los Brazos SD CA 2012 Color: April dark.
Cardiff by the Sea 2016. "O" Gate. Color: roble-glazed
Olivenhaim 2017.- Color: April dark
Vista CA 2018
Lapiz Rd Carlsbad.- "the Scotish Gate" 2015 Color: chaparral-glazed
Carlsbad 2013 Hand-painted tiles. Gate color: Walnut
4 Caminos Rancho Santa Fe 2017. Color: April dark