Uruguay Red Grandis (Eucalyptus)

This exotic hardwood from South America, similar in hardness, density and grain texture to Mahohany and Cherry, is durable and resistant to insects.  Durability and dimension stability similar to Sapele, Cherry and Hard Maple.

    Decay resistant.

     Color of bare wood is pale to medium pink.

        Suitable for exterior finish products such as Doors, Gates and windows

            A cousin of Mahogany wood, but lower price.


  RUSTIC 101 Highly recommend this wood for Gates..




Red Grandis wood 2019 "La Gran Via". Distress: antique wire-brush. Color: Roble Clear coat: Sikkens
Red Grandis wood 2019 Carlsbad.- Color: American Walnut; Iron: Antique Bronze; Texture: smooth
Red Grandis 2020 Carslbad. TRUE planked. Color: Roble
Red Grandis wood, Palm Desert 202. Color: Roble-glazed. Texture: wired brush texture
San Elijo TRUE planked Gate with "leather" hand paint Tile. Stain color: Custom
Red Grandis wood Kensignton 2020// True planked // full radius// color: Classic Walnut// texture: Hand hewn// key pad lock
Red Grandis TRUE Planked Gate (view from inside) // Encinitas 2020// Hand hewn// Color: Classic Walnut
San Elijo 2020 Double entry Gate.- Color: Cafe Solana Iron in Oil rubbed bronze
Red Grandis wood 2019 Leucadia, Texture: wired brush; Color: Gray-blue
Red Grandis Encinitas (Galo) 2020.- Color: Sunshine stain
Red Grandis wood.- Del Sur 2020. Color: Olmo del Sur As shown: 96"w x 60"h Texture: smooth
Red Grandis wood Del Sur 2020.- Color: " Olmo Del Sur". Texture: smooth
Red Grandis wood 2019. Kensington, SD CA Color: Chaparral-glazed. Texture: wire-brushed.
Red Grandis wood Carslbad 2019.- Espresso color. Texture: smooth
Red Grandis wood; Rancho Laguna Blend (RSF)2019. Color: Olmo Texture: smooth
Red Grandis 2015 Stone Bridge. Color: Sunshine
Red Grandis Wood. Rancho Santa Fe 2019 LeLievre. Color: Mahogany. Key pad lock and lever. Texture: smooth
Red Grandis wood. "La Gran Via" 2019. Distress: Antique wire-brush. Color: Roble
Red Grandis painted Aguacate green 2019 La Jolla CA
Red Grandis swing doors for Garage 2019 La Jolla CA; painted Aguacate color
La Jolla 2019
2021 Santa Luz Eucalyptus Gate
Red Grandis wood. 2019 Rancho Laguna Blend. Color: Olmo
Red Grandis wood Carballo St. 2019 Color: Mahogany; texture: Fine
Red Grandis wood. Rancho Laguna Blend 2019. Color: Olmo